Thursday, August 5, 2010

[his diary]


-it was his birthday
-belom sempat adik beradik nk wat ape2 utk raikan his birthday, pagi2 lagi,i got a call from my eldest brother that he was unconscious after he had shortness of breath after 1week he had been admitted to HUSM.


-2nd day.still unconscious.
-we tried to talk n hoping he will respond to us but,no response!
-i cried each time i talk to him.sangat sedih bile tgk die dlm keadaan mcm tu.


-still unconscious but there were some improvements.
-his hands were moving.
-but they were still weak
-on the evening,he was transferred to I.C.U.
-there, he was on mechanical ventilator for respiration.
-ya Allah,sesungguhnya aku x kuat utk melihat die dlm keadaan sebegitu


-2nd day in I.C.U
-his hands,lips,eyes and head moved a lil bit.
- tried to talk to him sambil buka kelopak mata die...
-i can see from his eyes that he was very sad.but he seemed to understand what was happening.
-he can respond for what we talked to him.
-bile one of my brother told him kitorg dah nak balik rumah,die genggam tangan my bro.
he seemed did not want let us to go from him....

semoga die tabah menghadapi dugaan n hopefully die cepat sedar,cepat sembuh.....

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  1. ayoh mu ek?? Sorry to hear that....last year aku penah jadik camtu jugak....byk2 baca doa smoga dia cpt sembuh.Always at his side will help a lot